This school year in the Cypress Garden the students are given the opportunity twice a month to volunteer in the school garden at their scheduled recess times. The children really seem to enjoy and take pride in their garden. Our teachers also have the opportunity for active learning in our outside classrooms. Help us to keep the garden beautiful by volunteering in our school garden when you can. The students love it when their parents come to help.
For more information or to be added to the Cypress Garden email group contact: Jill Hamburg at CypressGarden00@gmail.com
Thank you and KEEP THEM GROWING! 
2019 Garden Volunteer Dates
Friday, February 22nd
Friday, March 1st
Friday, March 8th
Friday, March 29th
Wednesday, April 10th
Monday, April 18th
Friday, May 3rd 
Monday, May 20th 
Recess Times:
Kindergarten - 1:20-1:50 PM
1st Grade - 9:15-9:35 AM
2nd Grade - 10:00-10:30 AM
3rd Grade - 11:05-11:35 AM
4th Grade - 12:15-12:45 AM
5th Grade - 2:20-2:50 PM 
Activities will include maintaining the garden beds and planting vegetables, herbs and flowers throughout the year. 
Visit the volunteer page to sign up on the garden recess schedule.  
***Dates may change due to weather or other circumstances***