We are excited to announce the nominations for the 2017-18 Cypress PTA Board.
President- Tish Thompson
President Elect- Alexis Frezza
1st VP- Casey McMillian
2nd VP- Rebecca Padilla
3rd VP- Tina Beam
Treasurer- Megan Daly
Secretary- Kristi Carter
Parliamentarian- Sara Reed
Box Tops- Kyle Richee
Sponsorships (Paw Partners)- Kendra Gutschow
Fundraising (Write A Check)- Nicole Meadows
Winter Wonderland Coordinator-
Winter Wonderland Co-Coordinator- Susan Kirk 
Healthy Lifestyles- Marispy Fitzpatrick
Garden- Tina Beam
Membership- Tara Garner and Jenny Snow
Reflections- Casey McMillian
Volunteer Coordinator- Sam Villarreal
Watch Dogs- Cheryl Carey and Stacey Cordell
TOP DOG- Jason Luebker
Book Fair- Amanda DeAngelis and Kerri Rasberry
Clothes Closet- Susan Lane
Bulletin Board/Marquee- Jamie Fordham
-PTA sponsors so many wonderful things at Cypress Elementary.  Here are just a few of the things the PTA does for your children:
* Funding all class field trips
* Supporting Red Ribbon Week
* Scholastic Book Fairs
* Fund “Cheetah Fun Day”
* Supplying assignment planners and Wednesday folders
* Furnishing Weekly Reader, Time Magazine for Kids and other materials
* Facilitating the National PTA Reflections Program for our students
* Bringing in entertainment such as storytellers
* Sponsoring Winter Wonderland activities 
* Hosting the Cypress Family Nights
* Funding the “Teacher Wish List” program
* Organizing Teacher Appreciation Week
* Participating in the LISD Clothes Closet
* Arranging programs to educate, entertain and bring our families together
Help support the PTA and join today!